Sleep Better With Your Baby

baby sleepDavid Olson, MD (the child physician from Michigan) said that the most of baby’s sleeping problem were always related to “how” and “where” they recorded their latest memory before they sleep. Whereas, still Olson said, most of parents trying to make their baby sleep by breastfeeding him/her or by giving him/her formula milk, then parents slowly remove the baby to their bed, and further they carefully step away from the baby’s bed. Those things will make the baby confuse when they awake in the midnight, they wonder why they laid on the different place. Therefore, they will need their parents to be present in order to make they sleep again, cause baby feel safe when they know their parents are around.

Olson also said that 4-5-month-baby, generally, have been able to sleep tight at night. In order to make those things happened, parents should have had a plan. So, let’s arrange the plan to make our beloved baby sleep tight at night. At least, there are 4 plans that we should conduct to make our baby sleep well at night:

  1. Conducting joyful ritual routinely when the sleeping time has arrived. The objective of the ritual is to calm down the baby and make them comfortable. You can conduct any ritual to them. For an instance, first of all you can wipe your baby with warming-waters, second of all you can massage them, then the third changing their clothes, and fourth you can sing a song for them or praying and kissing them before you closed the ritual. The principal is you should conduct the same ritual with the same order at the same time and the same place with non-noisy atmosphere. You have to remember that for the first of month you have to consistently conduct the ritual. It will make they learn about their sleeping time and they will get used to it.

  2. You have to commit that once your baby is put on the crib, it’s forbid to remove them anymore from it. If you find that your baby doesn’t want to sleep after ritual, don’t worry, you just ignore them. Make the baby bored with you, slow but sure, the bored-baby will fall asleep.

  3. Sometimes baby can feel fear about something that may be experienced by the in the day-time. If this is happened and make them awake in the night, you have to receive it and trying to calm them down instead of angry to them. In the tomorrow, you have to look for the things that make them feel fear, solve it and then add the new joyful thing on the ritual at the night. Those jyful activity could erase their fear memory.

  4. You have to notice that your baby should spend less than 3 hours when they are taking a nap in the noon. The more time they needed to take a nap, the more difficult for them to sleep well at night. The main objective of sleeping at night is to give your baby an adequate time to do the normal activity in the day-time.

I myself had applied the 4 points above to my baby, and it works perfectly, now the fighting sleep at night is not my concern anymore. Ok, good luck moms and dads, and happy sleep tight with your beloved baby.

PS: Massaging your baby will improve significantly their sleeping quality.


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