Best Toy According to Baby’s Age

Toys for baby are certainly created to be having special purpose for them. Therefore, as a parent we have to know the kind of toys and its use for baby according to their age. Followings are the one of the general guides that you can use as a consideration in order to choose toys for your beloved baby.

For 4 to 6 months baby:

The Soft Story Book: introduce your baby to turn the book’s pages.

Soft Playing Mattress: when your baby on the mattress you can practice them to reach their small toy. At the mattress your baby is safe when they are rolled over.

Soft blocks and blocks with certain form: Practice baby to be able to hold the block using their both hands. At the first try, they may still hold the blocks just for a few second before it will be fall. But later, they will be more practiced. You can also practice her to move the block from one hand to the other hand.

For 7 to 9 months baby:

The small blocks: practice baby to nipped the small block. They can use their thumb and the forefinger to do it. For the first time the small block may be will be fall more often, but after a few trials they will be more skilled to nipped the block.

Wheeling toy with the rope: You can teach them about the concept of cause and effect. Showing them how to reach the toy at the sit position by pulling the rope. Give them an instruction to conduct it.

Like-Musical Instrument, such as pan and casserole: It is the funny way to practice their coordination. You can arrange the pan and the casserole in a series position, then instruct them to hit the pan and casserole changeably. Later, after they had skilled on it, teach them to hit those randomly.

For 10 to 12 months baby:

The plastic glass and the water-scoop: Practice baby to control their hand when they learn to pour water from one place into another.

Box and Bucket with cover: Increase their capability. You can put objects inside the box or the bucket in order to produce sounds when baby shaking it. They can not resist their curiosity and further they will be able to open the cover.

Blocks to be arranged and glass with the different size: Practice baby to conduct the more difficult task. Ask them to arrange the blocks according to their size. Keep practicing them in order to make them to be more skilled in arranging blocks into several floors.

A thick book: Practice baby's skill in turning the book's pages. They will use their both hands to turn every page.

Regards and enjoy your playing time with your baby.

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