DHA in Breast Milk

The Benefits of DHA in the breast milk for brain development process were proven by a research that was conducted for 21 years in the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. The research that was started in 1981 involved 3880 newborns. About 80% of the baby had the breast milk until they are 6 months old. Five years later, their language intelligence was observed. The result showed that baby’s language intelligence was better compared to baby who only had formula milk. Further, their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was about 8 points higher than the formula milk-baby.

This temporary result of the research that had been published in the United States-based Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health in 2001, showed that the nutrients contained in the breast milk help baby in strength the immune system, so that baby can be avoided from infectious diseases. So, baby’s development will run favourably. Besides, the closeness and inner relationship between baby and mother will be firmly interwoven when baby is breast feeding, furthermore baby’s cognitive ability will also develop. The DHA content in the breast milk that is appropriate with baby’s need may optimize the plasticity process. Plasticity is the process of the formation of new synapse.

The experts from Denmark had conducted the research about DHA content in the breast milk. They found that DHA breast milk is profoundly influenced by food consumption of mothers. If mothers today consuming foods with the high DHA content, then tomorrow the DHA content in the breast milk will increase significantly. The list of omega-3 food resources can you see at The Paleo Diet.


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