DHA: Things Happened When Baby Is Sleeping

The sleeping duration of newborn approximately is around 16 hours in a day. Along with the increasing of their age until 3 years old, their sleeping duration will be slowly decreased. Baby’s sleep pattern is closely related to the docosahexanoic acid (DHA) content in the breast milk. Babies who acquire breast milk with the high DHA content show better in sleeping pattern than babies who receive breast milk with the low DHA content.

As long as baby sleep well, the whole system in their body have a chance to work with the velocity that had been regulated by nature. When baby is sleeping, several processes are continuously happened in the body so that either function or ability of each systems and organs develop in their manner. Besides that, the cells of body will grow, the immune system will develop, and the ability of brain and also central nerve system in processing stimulation received by the nerve tips will increase, it is all happened when baby is sleeping and when the needs of DHA fulfilled. Furthermore, if baby receive an adequate quantity of DHA from breast milk, then the process of brain formation and also the maturity of nerve cells in the brain will run correctly.

I think DHA is inevitably needed by baby. Nutrition and also stimulation are the two things which ascertain the intelligence of baby, and DHA is one of the nutrition part which having significant role in the brain development and eventually will increase baby’s intelligence.

Regards and be cleverer.

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