The Role of Essential Fatty Acids for Baby

The development of baby’s brain will be better if it is supported by the right stimulation and also nutrition. Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3, is profoundly having significant role in the baby’s brain development and consequently it will make baby become cleverer. Essential fatty acids have an important role in the formation of neuron cell wall and in the providing of energy for brain. The deficiency of essential fatty acid will disturb brain development.

There are three essential fatty acids which are important in influencing baby’s intelligence. Those are docosahexanoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) which are grouped as linolenic fatty acid (omega-3), the other one of three fatty acids mentioned before is arachidonic acid (AA) which is belonging to linoleic fatty acid (omega-6) group. DHA and AA play an important role in the formation of neuron cell wall and providing energy for brain to develop. While AA and EPA have a significant role in smoothing blood circulation and preventing the degenerative diseases.

Essential fatty acid should be acquired from food, because human body doesn’t able to produce it. There are many researches that concluded the importance of essential fatty acid for human, particularly for baby. The research that were conducted in Avon (UK) resulted baby whose the mother consume adequate DHA have better Intelligence Quotient (IQ) than baby whose the mother lack of consuming DHA, the research involved 90000 of pregnant women.

In 2007, the research which was conducted by Dr. Sinn showed that children who have issue in learning activity and also in behavior manner will get better and show significant development after consume essential fatty acids. The more recently research, in 2008, conducted by Joseph L Jacobson as a leader in the research team also showed that DHA is very important in the development of baby’s brain.

As a conclusion, essential fatty acids surely have a vital role in the development of baby’s brain. So, it is task for us in providing the nutrition balance of food for our baby in order to make them healthy and cleverer.

Regards and stay healthy

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