Invite Your Baby to Read

It is important to introduce books to your baby in order to make your little one become a person who loves to read. Reading a book is a form of stimulation in the development of your baby’s brain. According to the research, when baby was birth they already had hundred billions of brain cell that are need to stimulate in order to form a synapse between those cells. Those synapses will ascertain the delivering message among the brain cells, it means the smoother the delivering process of stimulation the faster your baby can understand to new information.

In buying a book for your baby, you have to pay attention to the kind of the book. The book should suitable to your baby’s age. Here is one of a guide to pick the best book for your beloved one:

0 to 6 months

At this period of age, you can choose the book with pictures and simple design with bright colors. It is better to choose the book that is made from carton in order to be more endures from baby’s bite. You can also choose the book that is made from plastic or waterproof-cloth that is easy to clean up. Basically, buy a book that is portable to be brought to the bathroom, garden, or bed room.

Find the book that is able to stimulate your baby’s five senses. As could as possible buy a book that contains objects that are often seeing by baby, such as doll or ball. Baby usually will point to the object and then smile if see those familiar objects. Besides, there is nothing wrong if you want to make your own book for your beloved baby.

6 to 12 months

It is not too different with the previous period (0 to 6 months). At this stage, you still can give your baby book that is made from cardboard material that displayed the pictures of baby, because at their age now, they start to interest with the other baby. The book should be contained safe material for your baby, because they will often put the book to their mouth.

Routinely, read a story for your baby from the book you buy it. When you are reading them a story, put your baby on your lap, invite them to open the book together and hold their hand to point the pictures on the book. Also, tell the story with the different intonation of voices to be more variation.

Happy having joyful reading time.......


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