Prevention of Atopic Disease: Rooms in The House

Atopic dermatitis is a disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the skin which is atopic, hereditary, and non-contagious. Atopic dermatitis is never observed at birth and rarely in the first 6 weeks of life, the mean age of onset generally being around the 3rd month, thus earlier than that of asthma. In genetically at-risk babies, the onset in 48%–65% of cases was in the first 6 months of life, but even before 4 months of life in 66 babies (57%), in 75%–80% of cases within the 1st year, with a male prevalence higher than females with the comparison 1.3–1.5:1.

One effective step to prevent atopic dermatitis in baby is by avoiding contact with allergen. Effective avoidance is primarily based on physical rather than chemical measures, requires a full regimen in the bedroom(s) and is only relevant to children who are specifically allergic. The room that should take care of is not only the baby’s room, but also the other room that might your baby frequently goes there. Below are the list that you should do in order to avoid contacting between baby and allergen that will cause atopic disease.

In your baby’s bedroom

  1. Air the bed, blanket, and pillows daily.

  2. Scrub mattress and pillows and beat them with a rug beater; if feasible, expose all to sunlight.

  3. Clean mattress and pillow covers with a damp cloth and wash in the washing machine every 3–4 months.

  4. Change both sheets and pillow slip at least weekly.

  5. HEPA air cleaner should be used at least weekly to remove airborne dust particles from mattress and pillow.

  6. Air the rooms in the morning when allergen levels are lower.

  7. When the room is vacuumed, the child should avoid being in the room while vacuuming is occurring until at least 20 min after it has been completed.

  8. The room should remain closed the whole time the baby is away.

  9. Keep the doors and windows of the bedroom closed as much as possible when not using the room.

Briefly, the child’s bedroom should be sunny, well-ventilated and dry, uncluttered by excess furniture and any items that can act as allergen, because babies spend a larger proportion of their lives in their bedroom than do adults. If a crib is necessary, this and portable crib mattresses should be encased in miteproof material.

In the other room
  1. Do in the same manner:

    In the parents’ bedroom and the other bedrooms, even if the child does not stay or sleep there daily.

    In all other rooms where the child frequently goes.

    In the home of relatives.

    In holiday houses.

    If possible in hotel beds the mattress covering should be used.

  2. Prepare the other rooms where the child goes, although less frequently, such as, where the child watches television, in the same manner, removing the armchair upholstery, heavy curtains and carpets.

  3. Baby should stay away from normally damper and not sunny rooms.

  4. Remove non succulent green plants and domestic pets; leaving them in the garden, courtyard or balcony is not a useful approach.

  5. Avoid a specific irritants, including kerosene, cosmetics, formaldehyde, gas oil, insecticides, turpentine, paints, chemicals and strong odors.

  6. An aquarium may increase the humidity level. Humidity indoor should be reduced.

  7. Prefer synthetic fibers for curtains, blankets, bedcovers and the like; mites burrow in the weft of closely woven cotton or wool fabric and hold on tight; thus they are unlikely to be completely eliminated.

  8. Maintain environmental Temperature less equal than 20oC.

  9. Uniform heating throughout the home, avoiding Temperature differences.

  10. Maintain indoor relative humidity not more than 50%.

  11. Wash all bedding, including mattress cover, blankets, curtains, etc. at temperature more than 60oC.

  12. Dry cleaning of wool clothes, plush, stuffed toys, etc., at temperature more than 60oC, then wash in cold water

Hopefully the points above can help you providing safe room in order to prevent atopic disease in your baby or your children.


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