When You Should Call Your Doctor

Every parent surely wants their baby always in health condition, including me. But sometimes there is always a condition that made us have to call a doctor in order to diagnose those health problems. In case of calling a doctor, you don’t have to always make a call to your doctor if you see there is something wrong with your baby’s health side. See these following things that describe the conditions in which you should call a doctor.

  1. You can’t awake your children. Children who are difficult to awake are different with children that is sleepy, because the children who are difficult to awake do not give respond when you hold them or invite them to talk.
  2. Your baby looks pale or blue. Blue-grayish color around their mouth or tongue show an emergency situation.
  3. If your baby looks listless and quiet, or exhausted and their temperature is high.
  4. Your baby’s temperature more than 39.5 Celcius degree and acetaminophen can’t decrease the high temperature.
  5. Children are difficult to breath or their breath sounds heavy or fast, they can’t talk or drink.
  6. Your children feeling hurt until they stop their activity, they cry, and they can’t be calmed.
  7. Children feeling hurt when they take a breath.
  8. Baby can’t swallow their beverage.
  9. Children experiencing diarrhea and vomiting.
  10. Children is vomit and their stomach look swollen.
  11. There is blood spot in the vomit.
  12. Baby or children get stiff.
  13. Children throw up for more than one hour.
  14. Children’s skin showing purple-rash that is still visible even when you push it.
  15. Baby cries with strange sound, weak, or with high tone.
  16. You feel worry, even you can’t explain why you have to worry.

I hope that we can always make a right decision regarding on how to overcome health-problems in our baby, and also how to decide the time when we should call a doctor.


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