Toys For 3 to 6 Months Old Baby

At this period of age (3 to 6 months), your baby start to realize that there are many things they can do by using their hands. For an instance, they can suck their fingers or hold their toys. They also can move the toys repeatedly from one hand to another. At this period of age, you can give various toys that can be hold or grasp by your baby.

The most important thing is you have to make sure all toys that are given to your baby are safe if it is licked by them. Nevertheless, avoid toys that contain rope, thread, ribbon or anything that can be pulled and placed into their mouth. Don’t attach their toys on their stroller by using rope because it is worried that your baby can be twisted or choked. Here are activities and also toys that your baby can play with in their funny playing time.

  1. When your baby able to hold toys, they will be happy by shaking their toys.

  2. Give your baby toy that can be bitten by them. Look for toys with various textures, such as smooth, curve, or rough, so they can feel the difference.

  3. Give your baby smooth texture toys. Animal-kind toys are fun to be loved by your baby, with its big eyes, usually baby will love it. But you have to make sure that animal’s eyes are not easily dislodged, so it is really safe for your baby.

  4. Give your baby a ball with smooth texture. Your baby will love the toys because they can push the smooth ball. They will also like seeing the ball rolling.

  5. Central of activity. This kind of toy usually in a form of small table (see the picture below) that there are many educative toys on top of it. Those toys element are able to be pushed, grasped, and touched.

  6. table toys baby
  7. Bathing toys. When bathing time has come you can also provide your baby various toys, for example a glass or a cup that can be used to fill and to pour the water.

  8. Peek-a-boo.

  9. Let’s chat with your baby. You can sit in front of them, saying the first word that will intrigue your baby, such as “ma-ma” or “pa-pa”. Support them to resemble your word.

  10. Laughing. Ask your baby to laugh. You can tickle their sole, show them our funny face or you can laugh with funny sound in front of them. I myself usually act something weird in front of my baby and unexpectedly she laugh seeing my silly act.

Cool tips : toys that can be ended into your baby’s mouth have to be sterilized.


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