Don’t Over Stimulate Your Baby: See Why

It is not wrong at all if parents want to give stimulations for their beloved baby. As I mentioned in my previous posting that stimulation for baby is aimed to optimize baby’s ability in order to prepare skills for them in their developing period. But you have to be careful the stimulation that in the beginning are purposed to give to your baby in order to make them develop optimally can be turned into nightmare causing negative impacts for your beloved one.

It can be happened if you put certain target to be fulfilled by your baby when you’re stimulating them. Moreover, if you stimulate your baby with an intention to make them to be able to fulfill your target so that your baby doesn’t left behind from the other baby will also turn stimulation into pressure to your baby. Stimulation that should have given positive enhancement in the beginning, then turned into an order that should be fulfilled by baby. Therefore, the result is not anymore a skilled-full baby, but an easy-afraid baby.

According to the experts, stimulations that are given are supposedly aimed only to sharpen baby’s skill, not for accelerating their developmental skill before the time. This conclusion is taken because basically the development of baby is based on their maturity-level. It means that your baby will develop if only they are ready for it, and it is occur in every category, including motor development, language development, and social-emotional development.

Giving too much stimulation to baby not only result nothing, but also will give bad effects for their development, because they are pressured by the stimulation to do many things beyond their ability. Fussy is a sign that you can see if baby receives too much stimulation. Even, in extreme cases, too much stimulation can cause physical disturbance to be emerged, such as ulcer and other classical symptoms that an adult usually experience it, headache, stomachache, or acute exhaustion, for instance. Besides, the experts also said that more complex of physiological disturbance can be experienced by your baby if they receive too much stimulation, but it is happened after they turn into teenager until adult.So, don't over stimulate your baby.

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