Baby’s Brain Development

The current progress in techniques of brain imaging has proven of what is believed by many researchers for almost 20 years, that environment has a dramatic impact on baby’s brain development.

In the early life of your baby, your baby's brain is busy shaping their network system. An activity in the brain will create weak electric connections that are called synapses. The amount of stimulation received by your baby has direct impact on how many synapses will be formed. The repeated stimulation will strengthen connections and will make it permanent.

Research shows that the first three years of life is a critical period for brain development of your baby. During the time period of three years, the brain weight will be increased three times and thousand million nerve networks will be formed in it.

Far in the brain there are two important structures that assist the development and growth of your baby. Two important structures are the hippocampus that controls the memory and the hypothalamus that controls the event bed. Experts estimate, hippocampus is not fully perfect developed, just 40% only, when the baby was born, later it will become 50% in the six weeks after the baby was born, and eventually it will be perfectly developed when the baby is eighteen months old.

For the optimal development of your baby’s brain, as could as possible avoid stress on your baby. Because, when a baby is stressful, their brain will respond it by secreting hormone called cortisol. If cortisol level is very high, it will slow the brain development of babies. Therefore, keep your baby away from stressful-atmosphere that can cause stress on them.

On the other hand, the brain will grow well when faced with a variety of new information. Therefore, introduce new things to your baby will be very useful for their brain development. Light activity, such as invite your baby to the library or took to the vegetables store can help your baby's brain develop properly.

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