Choosing Suitable Book for Your Baby

Book is one of many tools that can be used to stimulate your baby by reading them a story or by giving them pictures to see in it. Spending a time with your baby with their favorite book could be a pleasant activity for both of you, especially for your baby. In order to give your baby the right stimulation you also need the right book according to your baby’s age. Here’s the slightly review about the kind of the books that may suitable with your baby’s age:

Story-Collection Book

This kind of book contains more writing than picture. This book is suit to be read when you are still pregnant (for your fetus in your womb) and when your baby still hasn’t able yet to sit. After that, you can keep the book until your child is fully able to read, so they can read the book by themselves.

Catalog Book

Every page of the book contains pictures with only one to two word(s) which has not formed a sentence yet. For example, a ball picture with its identity under the picture, it is written “ball”. This kind of book is suit for your baby from newborn until they are 12 to 15 months.

Short Picture Book

This book already contains story, but in one page there’s only one to two sentences only. Usually there is a relation between the pictures and the sentences. You can use this book from when they start to be able to sit until they get bore with the book or when you feel the story in the book is too simple for your baby. Generally, this kind of book still can be used until they are 2 to 3 years.

Long Picture Book

This book contains picture with 4 to 5 sentences or 1 paragraph. When you feel the concentration ability of your baby has been increased, you can give this kind of book to them. You can know whether the story of the book is too long for your baby or not, one of many ways is by knowing their impatient when they haven’t finished yet read the story of the book. You still can look for the more suit book for your baby, which is the book with the simple pictures in it.

Chapter Book

This book have long story with the picture or illustration in certain pages. If your baby is getting more like to put their picture book into their mouth, then you can start to give this Chapter Book. This kind of book will improve your baby’s reading skill.

Hopefully this posting will give you an assurance in choosing what kind of book that will meet to your baby’s needs.


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