7 Signs of Baby’s First Weaning

American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that the first food for baby, besides breast milk, should have to be suited with baby’s needs and it is conducted step by step. If you exclusively breastfeed your baby, you have to wait, before introduce solid food to your baby, until she has already breastfed for more than 8 to 10 times a day but still feel hungry. Or if your baby also consumes formulae milk, wait until they have already consumed the formulae milk more than 1 liter per day. Here are 7 signs of baby that has already ready for their first weaning.

  1. Able to hold their head with their neck erectly.

  2. Your baby do not spill their food out by using their tongue.

  3. Able to sit erectly so they can swallow the food rightly.

  4. To start giving your baby non-liquid food, it is required that your baby’s mouth has already able to move the food to the front side and then swallow it.

  5. Usually baby will be ready for their first weaning food when their recent weight is twice than the birth-weight.

  6. Baby still feels hungry, even when they have already drank the large-amount of breast milk.

  7. Baby is now becoming more pay attention to an adult’s food and further they will have passion to taste your food.

Hopefully these 7 signs of baby’s first weaning will be much helpful for you, so you can precisely determine when your baby should receive their first non-liquid food. For me, weaning a baby is not an easy task to be done, it is quite difficult.

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