Self-Help Skill Development In Baby: 1 To 12 Months

Basically, every baby has the ability to be an own master for themselves. Their independent ability is looked when they started to have their playing a game activity. By playing a game, their understanding of the environment around them will be much grown. As parents, we must always provide stimulations for our baby, so their ability to be independent will develop in accordance with their age. In this particular post, I want to share about self-help ability in baby that should be skilled by them month by month.

By 1 Month: your baby can coordinately suck when they are breastfeeding or drinking formulae milk through a nipple artificial.

By 2 Months: baby has already been able to open their mouth when see breast or nipple artificial.

By 3 Months: show their interest or enthusiasm feeling when seeing mother’s breast (ASI) or nipple artificial.

By 4 Months: start to place their toys into their mouth.

By 5 Months: put their both hands on mother’s breast or bottle when milk-feeding.

By 6 Months: able to hold the bottle or cup by themselves when drinking milk (breast milk) or mineral water.

By 6 to 12 months:

  1. Able to hold their bottle by themselves.

  2. Able to feed themselves by using their thumb and finger tips.

  3. Start to be able to hold the spoon and try to feed themselves.

  4. Drink water or milk from the covered cup or directly drink it from the open cup by sips via the edge of the cup.

The self-help skill in our beloved baby is able to be trained even when they were still baby, because basically they have possessed those skills since they were born. With the right stimulations from us, as their parents, will deliver them to be a person who is independent and not depend on the other people. So, let us give our baby stimulations in order to make their self-help skill develop optimally. Have fun with your little one


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