Gross Motor Skill Development - 1 to 12 Months Baby

As babies grow, their skills are also grown. Babies develop at their own rate, learning some skills much quicker than others, including in developing their gross motor skill from 1 month until 12 months old. Here is the development of baby’s gross motor skill.

  • 1 month: head bobs when held upright, kicks feet when on back
  • 2 months: lifts head briefly when placed on tummy
  • 3 months: lifts head 2 to 3 inches off surface and pushes up with forearms when placed on tummy
  • 4 months: straightens legs when feet touch a flat surface; when on tummy, lifts head and chest off surface while looking forward
  • 5 months: rolls from tummy to back (always supervise to avoid falls); pulls self forward to sitting position when you hold baby’s hands
  • 6 months: sits briefly without support; rolls from back to tummy
  • 6 months to 12 months:
    • reaches for feet
    • sits alone
    • stands with support
    • creeps and crawls on hands and knees
    • moves from tummy to sitting position
    • pulls on furniture to stand up
    • walks sideways while holding onto furniture
    • briefly stands without support
    • lowers self to floor with control
    • takes steps with hands held

Hopefully this post about gross motor skill development in 1 to 12 months baby can be useful for you and for your beloved one.


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