Teething Signs

Parents usually would feel happy when they know that their baby’s teeth start to come out. You can know it by paying attention to the signs of teething. When they’re teething usually baby will show the teething signs. By knowing the signs you could as soon as possible handle the baby, because teething can be a stressful and painful time not only for your baby, but also for you. Here are the points of teething signs:

  1. Painful. Baby will show the signs that they are suffering from painful and feeling discomfort.

  2. Restless. Painful caused by their teething will make baby fussy and restless, and they will be more spoiled in a day or two days before the teeth comes out.

  3. Red cheek. Baby’s cheek will look red when their teething has arrived.

  4. Excessive saliva. The excess of saliva when their teeth start to come out will make baby always drooling, so make sure to wipe babies face often to avoid a rash or discomfort.

  5. They’re always want to chew or bite something. Baby will bite everything that is near around their mouth. In order to handle their desire you can give them something to chew on, for example carrot or celery sticks or a cold washcloth, as long as it is big enough for them not to choke it will work.

  6. Swollen gums. Look into your baby’s gums to see if their gums look red or swollen. You can give their sore gums a gel that can help ease the pain, but don’t rub whisky on your baby’s gums or place aspirin against the tooth.

  7. Awake often. Baby will often awake at night and they will cry, although they slept tight at yesterday.

  8. Their temperature will slightly increase than usual.

  9. Their bottom will painful. Although the relation between teething and painful bottom is still unclear, but several babies will easier have diaper rash when their teeth start to come out, and their stool will be diluter also.

Although teething can be a stressful and uncomfortable time for your baby and you, it is possible for you to ease your baby's discomfort or completely eliminate it and make this transitional period easier on you and your child.


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