Nutrition for Being Smart Baby

Nutrition is the resource of energy to make the metabolism process in the body run properly. In baby, most of the energy is used to support their development, including the development of their brain. The nutrition needs in baby is different from one to another. This difference can reach the number between 10 to 15%. Nevertheless, the nutrition that is acquired by baby should reach the balance. It means that, the concentration of protein, carbohydrate, and lipid should reach the number between 10 to 15%, 60 to 70%, and 20 to 25%, respectively. It is counted from the calorie that is needed by per kilogram of baby’s weight.

Breast milk had been known and proven as the first, the main and also the best food for baby, especially from newborn until 6 months old. Breast milk can act alone to fulfill all of the baby’s nutrition needs in a right composition, including the specific nutrition to support the growth and the development of baby’s brain. The nutrition that are specifically needed supporting and helping brain development process are essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin B1, B6, Folic acid (B9), choline, iodine, ferum (iron), and zinc. All of the nutrition are contained in breast milk.

Essential Fatty Acids
The kind of essential fatty acids that are known in supporting the brain development process are linoleic acid (omega-6), linolenic acid (omega-3), and oleic acid (omega-9). Those essential fatty acids should be acquired from food, our body do not able to produce it. The research had been proven that babies who acquire breast milk will have the essential fatty acids’ concentration in the body higher than baby who did not. The omega-3 and omega-6 are needed to form the neurons and synapses, while omega-9 is needed in the myelinization process.

The basic component that is composed protein is amino acid which possesses function in the formation of brain structure. Several certain amino acids, which are taurine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine are the compounds functioned in delivering messages or stimulations (neurotransmitter). In breast milk contains protein approximately 1.2 grams per 100 ml.

Vitamin B1
The deficiency of vitamin B1 can cause the disturbance in peripheral nerve system’s function.

Vitamin B6
The existence of the bonding disturbance of vitamin B6 with an enzyme in the brain is able to decrease its concentration in the body, so that the condition can lead to stiff in newborn.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)
The deficiency of vitamin B9, especially during the pregnancy, is able to cause the disturbance in the formation of backbone as long as baby in the womb. Further, problem in the backbone formation will cause the disturbance in central nerve system which is connected to the brain.

This compound is a precursor of a transmitter called acetylcholine. Choline is also a part of lecithin, a phospholipid that is generally found in the brain as component which composes a membrane of nerve cells.

This mineral is needed to synthesize thyroxine hormone, a hormone which is needed in the formation of protein that possess a role in the brain development. Therefore, the deficiency of iodine will disturb either physical development or brain development.

This mineral is needed in myelin formation process. Iron is reserved in several brain networks for 12 months in the first year of life.

This mineral is contained in almost every cell in the body, including brain. Zinc is an essential mineral which is become a part of about 300 kind of enzymes (metalo-enzyme) which helps the cells fission. The deficiency of zinc in the brain will lead to the disturbance of brain function which is called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

In order to fulfill your baby’s needs for nutrition, you have to consume nutrition-rich-foods so that your breast milk will contain all of the nutrition that is needed by your baby. Just get used to always consume food with balance nutrition.


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Julian said...

Brain is the most significant organ of our body. Nutrition plays the key role in maintaining a perfect and a healthy brain. Especially brain develops from childhood till the age of 18. Therefore in order to expect a healthy brain it is quite necessary to provide all the essential brain nutrition from the childhood stage itself. So brain nutrition and brain vitamins are the best and natural way to develop and maintain a healthy brain.

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