Immunization: Forbidden for Baby If.....

There was a statement that one of the most important steps in protecting your baby from disease is by giving them the immunization. It is no doubt anymore that immunization had saved human from the smallpox disease, our biggest gratitude to Edward Jenner for his hard working to invent the smallpox vaccine in 1796. In that time, the smallpox epidemic was prevented by jointly giving the vaccine. The mortality of children caused by the smallpox was succeeded to be decreased.

Giving immunization to baby can’t do by denying the actual baby’s health. It is very important to inform about your baby’s health condition to the doctor if the immunization time has arrived. There are certain conditions in which your baby are forbid to immunize. Those conditions are:

  1. If your baby having diarrhea, vomiting, or fever.

  2. If baby shows the signs of having a cold.

  3. If baby suffering the serious effect after the previous vaccination.

  4. If baby suffering nervous damage when he/she was birth or showing the signs of abnormal development.

  5. If your baby having stiffness or having allergy to vaccine/vaccine component(s).

The bottom line is do not careless to always monitor your baby’s health condition and inform it to your doctor if there is a problem with your baby’s health.

Regards and happy safely immunization

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