Consideration in Choosing Toys for Baby

Playing a game is not only for having a great time, but also a tool to give stimulation for your baby’s five senses, especially their visual, their skin, and also their hearing. Playing a game will also improve baby’s ability in observing and practicing their belonging skill. According to many experts, baby or children that don’t have playing time enough will experience problems in the future such as having difficulty in learning.

Parents have to be selective when making a choice and giving toys for their babies. Following things can be considered before you decide to give toys for your beloved baby:

First, follow all of the instructions in the product (toy) manual. Besides, try to always keep the playing ground clean and supervise them when they are playing.

Second, make sure that the toys that you give to them are suitable with your baby’s age. In this kind of thing, you have to be profoundly selective. You don’t have to worry to what kind of toys that are suitable for your baby, because usually manufacturer had attached sticker in which showing recommended age that is allowed to play with the toys.

Third, think accurate and careful. You have to be careful with the toys that are addressed for baby less than three years old. Those toy’s components have to be bigger than less-3-old-baby’s mouth, in order to prevent those components to be accidentally swallowed.

Fourth, you should also pay attention to the weight of toys and its possibility to hurt your baby. If it is not good enough in providing safety for baby, do not buy it in any matter.

Fifth, consider that whether your baby physically is ready or not to play with the toys, if they are not then you have to not give the toys for them.

Sixth, check the condition of toys, if it is broken then throw it up. Avoid buying second-hand toys for your baby, because it can be dangerous for your beloved one.

Seventh, avoid giving toys with the attached rope’s length more than 30 cm. It is very dangerous to let baby playing with rope-attached-toys, more than 30 cm, because it can twist our baby’s neck, hopefully not.

Eighth, buy a toy from trustworthy place, so you don’t have to worry about its safety.


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